Meet Minister Raymond

Raymond Chakanyuka is a born again Christian. He is married to Samantha and a father to a boy and two girls. He is a gospel musician who has been in the music ministry for 12 years during which time he released 5 albums and 6 videos.

Raymond recorded his first album Kanganwa Zvakare in 2008 followed by Mwaka in 2010, then Maiti Ndiyani and Wakarurama in 2014. The last album, Confrontation was released in 2016.

He had the privilege to work with The Charambas and Mahendere Brothers during shows, to mention a few.

Raymond also did a Family Show in Namibia with Aleck Macheso in 2008. In 2014, he recorded an album titled Wakarurama in South Africa featuring 4 South African artists.
Raymond has ministered in Zambia and South Africa.

What is the message in your songs?
Our songs are laced with messages of hope, perseverance, love, trust in God and testimonies of God’s hand.

Promise to fans
“We have more music coming with videos and preparing for live shows around the globe.”

Where and how do you get inspiration?
“I get inspired to write songs by the Holy Spirit through the word of God.”

Your band or group?
“The Royal family band consists of 9 members; 3 backing vocalists and 5 instrumentalists.”

Message to fans
“I want to say keep on supporting us God is about to shift our music to another dimension. We are going international. For all your memorable events please don’t hesitate to contact us on +263773817855 or email You can also follow and like us on Facebook (Raymond Minister Chakanyuka), Instagram (Chaxraymond)“


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