Gamuchirai Mukwakwami is the main actress and she plays the role of Chipo. In her role as Chipo, she is a young girl living in the rural areas and her dream to one day leave and further her studies is starting to look unattainable.

She starts exploring other options and without warning, disaster strikes followed by betrayal from those she held closest to her heart.  In a colourful story of life and survival, religion finds itself standing eyeball to eyeball with the law.

Gamuchirai is a 23 year-old actress with passion and background in working with children in arts development. She is an alumna of the Children’s Performing Arts Workshop also known as CHIPAWO. She attributes her passion for acting to the experience she got from this arts institution.

She has also been involved in numerous theatrical productions under CHIPAWO since childhood. She is also part of the “SHAINA”, a Zimbabwean movie project.  She has passion in music, dance and poetry. According to Gamuchirai, acting or the arts industry at large; is the lifestyle she loves. Driven by the same passion, she went to Robert Mshengu School of Acting in Harare.

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