Melgin’s Sour Milk comes to ZBCTV

Melgin Tafirenyika‘s Sour Milk makes its debut on ZBCtv on Sunday 11 July at 2130hrs.

Sour Milk is a must watch film which explores the two evils – infidelity and the love of money. In the film, what looks like a perfect relationship for Shelter, turns out to be “sour milk” when she realises she has been seeing her boss’ hubby. At the same time Coster, played by Melgin, gets the test of his own medicine when the women clash in one room.

“While this movie was created to entertain audiences, there is a vital message to everyone regarding HIV and AIDS that claim more than two million people every year, worldwide,” Tafirenyika said.

What viewers should expect?
Sour Milk has twists and turns in an entertaining way leaving audiences happy and sad at the same time.

Why is Sour Milk so important?
The film is very important because we were raising HIV/AIDS awareness in a very creative way. There is no better way to deliver a critical message than through edutainment.

The movie was written by Melgin Tafirenyika and Nigerian journalist Anderline Egbuhuzor Gold as cowriter. Myre Maramba directed it.

Sour Milk is Melgin Tafirenyika’s second film written after l Will Marry Myself.

Melgin’s work includes I Will Marry Myself (2012), Deep Thought (2013), Love Is Not Enough Short Film (2014), Muchero Wemusango (2015), Flowers Of Dry Seasons (2016), 30 February (2016), Butterfly (2016), The Pod (2016), Shortlist( 2017), Chihombiro (2018), 206 Bones, Love Is Not Enough (2018), Flowers Of Dry Thorns (2018), 5th Anniversary, I Married My Mother (2019), Can Of Worms (2019), Chapungu (2019), Are We Strangers (2019), The Creation (2019) and A New World (2020)

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