Miss ZOU spearheads oral health campaign

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REIGNING Miss Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) Eustas Gomba has embarked on an oral health campaign at Salem’s Children Village with the focus on promoting dental care health.

Salem’s Children Village is a small school located in the outskirts of Epworth where orphaned children acquire free education.

Oral health is a daily process of taking care of one’s mouth, teeth and gums which requires changing of the toothbrush after three to four months.

Research shows that children staying in homes have little or no access to these basic dental care products and oral health is a medical aspect that is easily bypassed.

Gomba who is also a Media student at ZOU was crowned Miss Valentine/Miss Heritage in 2018.

She has founded the Give a Child a Smile charity campaign after having identified that there is need for communities to rise and assist the underprivileged children.

In an interview with Celebrity, Gomba has urged communities to work together in charity initiatives promoting the well-being of underprivileged-children.

The youthful model said the visit was not only to donate dental care products but to emit love and empower the young minds through dental care education.

“The visit to Salem’s Children Village was primarily to donate dental care products and also to empower the young minds through oral health education and having interacted with the children l came to a realization that they possess skillful minds and more needs to be done to ensure a potent learning environment at Salem’s village to further the children’s educational agenda.

“The Give a Child a Smile is open to stationery donations such as exercise books, pencils, pens, textbooks, and mathematical sets and even the smallest giving makes a difference in supporting the dreams of these young ones,” she said.

She also added that those who would like to partner and contribute towards children at Salem’s village are free to email at eustasgomba@gmail.com.

“After all there is nothing as powerful as education as an eminent way to equip these young minds which is a stepping stone to emancipation,” she said.

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