Mukwasha – Jah Prayzah losing touch?

The master of rich vernacular, punchy lyrics is back with a banger, Mukwasha (Mukuwasha) with a video cooked by the master of the art, Blaqs.
As always JP, as Jah Prayzah is famously known by his legion of his fans, delivers more than anticipated.
Interestingly, JP’s songs are met with mixed criticism in the age of the Van Chogas, Twabam, Apostle Talent chiwenga and COVID-19 pandemics.
While many people feel JP has not done justice it is only when they listen and judge the man. Separating the man from the music and throwing political feelings aside, JP proves to be a creative powerhouse focused on bringing the best entertainment ever.
Many would think JP’s star is waning yet the truth of the matter is, the star is waxing and JP is exceptional in his own right.
To spice up his works JP does not try to be what he is not. He is real and that has been a signature touch on all his work.
To spice the video JP features popular actors who includes mai Meki and Mabla 10.
When it comes to acting, JP being a native on the scene, always delivers exceptional performance testimony that he takes music beyond simply a hobby but as a business.
The beauty of JP’s videos are their down to earth homely feel.
This is one proud African.
Keep up the good work Jah Prayzah and thanks to Military Touch Movement.

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