Munashe Munyoro

Sports Reporter

MUNASHE Munyoro (16) a Form 4 students a Bernard Muzeki College (BMC) has proven that following your dreams and pursuing them can yield results.

The young rugby player who has showcased brilliant talent in the ongoing Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival as a Fly-Half and Full Back and playing for both the school’s Team A and B believes following one’s dreams was the way to go if you want achieve you goals.

He said for him quitting was not an option, as he was ready to conquer the sport to participate in the juniors national team and eventually the seniors national team.

Munashe, the first son to businessman Mr Itai Munyoro explained how he started playing rugby, where he is now and his future goals.

Munashe Munyoro with ball in action

“I started paying rugby when I was in Grade 6 at Diggleford Primary School. My experience as a rugby player is really fun and I still remember when I was in Grade 7 when I went the Primaries national rugby competitions I really felt motivated and I was inspired to play rugby for the national team someday.

“I have participated in Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival that is in 2017 and this year. Last year I had an injury but the experience I have gained is overwhelming though the games are tough. I really do my best when I am in the field because I want to get a scholarship and play rugby at an international level,” he said.

Munashe who is also the captain of the BMC handball team said draws inspiration from Boyden Barrette a New Zealand rugby player.

The 16-year-old player said besides the Dairibord Schools Rugby Festival there must be a school rugby league around the country which cater young rugby players.

“I think as a School at BMC we must have our fields and gym facilities so that we can increase the training to keep our bodies fit. We also need a new coach because the one we have currently is a teacher so we do not have enough time to train like in other schools where they have a coach specifically for rugby only,” he said.

Munashe has also encouraged other students who are passionate about rugby to never give up on their dreams and take the sport seriously.

“I would to encourage those who aspire to be rugby player to never give up because me being at Bernard Muzeki College I would have given up rugby when I was in Form 1 but I followed my dream and passion. So I would want to say never give up,” he said.


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