The much awaited, highly anticipated trailer for Murindagomo short film is out.

Murindagomo: Legend of The Magical Pot is a film that chronicles the journey of an underdog chosen by the gods to deliver his village from the great threat of extinction due to misfortunes caused by the disappearance of a mystical pot, sacred and endeared to the Tembo clan.

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Posted by Murindagomo on Sunday, July 5, 2020

Nhamo, a naive laggard, despised and a commoner with nothing significant expected of him, has to fight and deliver the village out of the impending doom. His nemesis are plenty – from the imposing King Tembo to the warmonger, towering Mapako and the skeptical village folk.

In Nhamo’s corner stood Old Wiz Mahwekwa and to some extent, Nakai – the most beautiful thing to happen to Nhamo, the son of Mubaiwa. At the same time, Nakai is the bone of contention as Mapako feels he deserves her adoration than anyone else.

Murindagomo is the latest offering from Guruuswa Film Company shot on location in Domboshava. The film was written and directed by South African based Brian Kugara and Elias Muonde, a writer, poet and upcoming director.

Shot in December 2019, the epic film was expected to premiere in April 2020 but got delayed due to the Covid19 induced lockdown.

Nhamo is played by Kudzai Kizito Madangwa who has starred as Spencer in Chipo The Gift, a Rooftop production.

Zena preparing healing salve for Nhamo
Zena preparing healing salve for Nhamo

The film also features prolific actor and writer, Mapfumo Katsaya as King Tembo, Nyarai Chidzero as Nakai, Tawanda Marere as Mapako, Richman Kaseke as Mahwekwa, Sylvia Mavezere as Zena and Robert Chiyama among others.

Guruuswa Flm Company has produced numerous films such as Pero, Wolves Among Sheep, Forgiveness, Maroro, Regrets and many more.

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