A new hit titled Ndipe Rudo is making the rounds on social media.

Ndipe Rudo is the latest offering from Dugaine featuring Kweto produced at Eye C Productions aka Junction Media as part of a riddim titled Anti-Incest.

The sweet track is available on Audiomack and OrinPlay for android devices.

The Anti-Incest riddim features 5 tracks from Gabriella aka Gal Gee, Elder Kanto Dem, Nayman and the duo, Kweto and Dugaine.

Anti Incess Riddim cover on celebrity.co.zw


Ndipe Rudo marks a great departure for Dugaine; it is more of a christening moment, a graduation from transient teenage lyrics. The message is unique blending in with mature lyrics.

While Dugaine has been a prolific artist producing good songs over the years, Ndipe Rudo will prove to be the best defining him as a connoisseur when it comes to romantic lyrics. It is our appeal for the artist to establish himself along love themes.


Ndipe Rudo is a-must-listen-to and we recommend you share with your friends, their boy and girl friends.




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