Ngcotsha scaling dizzying heights

Ngcotsha has proven that hard work pays off by double launching a music album and a collection of spoken word tiltled Ngiyabonga and Loluthando respectively.

He has also written other poetry collections which include Puzzles of the heart, Lyrics of Oshea, Giya Siba lwami, and Enzikini Yendumiso. Ngcotsha co-wrote Enzikini Yendumiso with Maqhawe Ndlovu.

The song album Ngiyabonga consist of eleven songs.

Ngcotsha is a multi talented young man who has fought numerous obstacles in pursuance of his dreams. His secret is hard working and always aiming higher than what his fingers can grip on.

Onesimo Ngcotsha Mpofu was born at Mtshabezi Mission Hospital and grew up in a mountainous village called Matolokisi. His father was a community builder while his mother sold fruits and vegetables in the village.

“On Fridays my mother would take some vegetables and fruits to sell in Gwanda,” Ngcotsha recalled.

Regardless of the hardships Ngcotsha managed to score good grades at school. Ngcotsha studied for an Honours Degree in Development Studies at Lupane State University and he also studied for a certificate in Bible Handling Skills at the Institute of Bible Teaching.

“One must be equipped with the right information and knowledge of what they do to avoid misquoting or misinterpreting the scriptures,” he said. “Talent does not stand on its own; it must have a solid base. So for me to be able to preach, evangelize and write Christian poems and songs, I needed to study the Bible to get the understanding of it.”

Ngcotsha was not everyone’s favorite or a crowd’s person growing up. He loved keeping to himself and as such, he never showcased his talent much.

“I never did poetry in high school. I sang once at school, and more in church. I was well known as an athlete and I used to run long distances.” He told The Celebrity Club.
Ngcotsha used other people’s negative attitude towards him to fuel himself to greatness.
His singing had started while he was in grade two leading hymns at church. It is possible Ngcotsha lacked the motivation and support to take his talent seriously.

It was in 2013 when Ngcotsha’s attitude towards his talent changed; his brother Gift Mpofu quipped that he was “a lazy but very talented young man.” The remark jolted him out of his comfort zone propelling him to action. The result was his first two songs the following day.
Thus in 2015 Ngcotsha started performing at church and weddings. The following year saw him working with renowned arts veteran, Cont Mhlanga, and started pioneering a radio program with Densel Kulube.

Ngcotsha’s Ngiyabonga album and spoken word poetry Loluthando are available in the online stores – Amazon Music, Google Music, Itunes and Spotify.

Ngcotsha believes if he managed to accomplish so much in a day, nothing can stop the next person to do the same. He believes his music or poems must first speak to him before speaking to people
out there. Inspiration, for him, comes from the Lord.

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