No to xenophobia – LightsOut


Staff Reporter

BULAWAYO based artists LightsOut, Soulchard and Advancer Lyon, have released an emotional video to their song – Umuntu Omnyama – amplifying their voice against xenophobic attacks perpetrated on foreigners, in South Africa.

The artists said that the song talks about the everyday struggle of foreigners in South Africa.

“Its a song which questions ubuntu/hunhu because Africa seems to be divided more today than before,” they said.

“By recording this song we were aiming to alert the South Africans that it might be them who might be seeking help from us tomorrow.”

On the project LightsOut worked with Soulchard and Advancer Lyon, two talented artists versatile across genres.

Celebrity quizzed LightsOut on why he wrote the song and he said,”I have a lot of relatives and friends in South Africa.”

LightsOut said Xenophobia affects every Zimbabwean whether your relative or friend is victimized.

He said it is also a reflection of how Zimbabweans in Zimbabwe feel about the whole Xenophobia situation.

“The video was directed by LightsOut while Tflow of Tycoon entertainment shot, edited and produced it,”.

Through this song, LightsOut said he hopes to spread the message of ubuntu and possibly to influence people to setup fundraising campaigns to help people who were directly affected by the xenophobic events.

“Someone lost their parent who was the breadwinner,” said LightsOut.

LightsOut born Lymon Tanaka Moyo is a musician, producer, director, actor and social activist.



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