Petite model set for Nigerian victory

Pauline Marere

Lifestyle Correspondent

ZIMBABWEAN multi-title petite model Pauline Marere is set to participate in the fourth edition of the 2019 Miss Pan African Queen scheduled for October in Nigeria.

After raising the Zimbabwean flag at the inaugural Miss World Heritage in Ghana by managing to be one of the top ten finalists out of 56 nations, Marere told Celebrity that being a part of the top ten was an amazing surprise.

“Being a petite model l did not see myself going that far as most of the girls were tall and slimmer than me,” she said.

“I kept on pushing and putting all my effort indeed l was happy. In Ghana, l managed to network with girls from different nations and partner in business ideas which l am looking forward to establishing here in Zimbabwe.”

Pauline Marere

Marere has managed to successfully attain twenty-one beauty pageant titles including the current Miss Pan Africa 2019.

She said she drew inspiration from her mother who is one of the strongest women she has ever known.

“She does not give up and pursues her dreams without fear of failure. As a result, l am who l am today due to her influence and impact on my life. All the Miss Universe winners inspire me as well and l aspire to be like them in due time,” Marere said.

Zimbabwe currently has two national pageants, Miss World Zimbabwe and Miss Tourism and Marere is keen on contesting at the Miss World Zimbabwe set for late this year.

She said there was a need to have more pageants in Zimbabwe for all types of models and local companies should invest in the modeling industry in order for it to grow and become better.

Pauline Marere

Marere said the participation of Zimbabwean models in international pageants has managed to boost the tourism sector with the models showcasing the beauty of the country to the world.

“Participating in international pageants helps us to work with others and obtain business ideas through interactions. It also increased our experience and helps us to grow and a nation,” she said.

Marere who also advocates for the growth of the modeling industry in Zimbabwe said it helps young women to compete against each other in a positive light rather than the negative socially constructed way.

“It also assists in social work such as assisting the less privileged especially orphans and the homeless.”

Marere represented Zimbabwe remarkably in 2018 as she was crowned Miss Africa continent.

She said the challenges she has faced in her modeling career included lack of complete clothing attires required for boot camps.

“My wish is that we should have a supporting ministry that helps models who represent Zimbabwe internationally,” she said adding that she looked forward to participating and winning the upcoming Miss Pan African Queen.

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