Pindurai – a game changer

Pindurai Mwakurudza is a multi-talented, hardworking business lady and goal getter. A single mom to a 17 year old girl, Pindurai is a second born in a family of four; three girls and a boy.

Pindurai – a game changer – Celebrity Zimbabwe

Pindurai is hands on and dabbles into a lot. Apart from being an actress, writer, fashion model, DJ, MC, dance choreographer, jewelry dealer, event planner, musician, farmer, she is an accomplished businesswoman – the CEO of Vicious Collections Advertising & Marketing company currently publishing an online magazine called Vicious Collections.

What defines Pindurai?

I am a Christian who believes in helping others in every way possible. I believe in sharing and believe if all the people who are well up, if they share with others who do not have, we would never come across any poor or homeless people in our country. Let’s learn to share with others who do not have.

What inspired you to start your own business?

Being an artist gave me an opportunity to travel and network with different kinds of people from different cities. Because of the shows I did around Zimbabwe, I ended up with a book with contacts of fans, and sometimes these fans from other cities would contact me asking for certain products found in Harare. I would buy and send them via buses to them. This way I gained trust from a number of people.

Then I thought to myself, “Now that I have a number of people who trusts me and who I network with, why don’t I register my own company and supply products in demand.” That is how Vicious Collections was born.

The Magazine will be launched this December 2020 on a date to be announced.

Pindurai – a game changer – Celebrity Zimbabwe

The best business advice you can give other people in business?

Treat every customer like gold. It does not matter if a customer gives you the least business. Being an artist I have learnt to perform my best even for only five people who turn up for the show. I realized that these few people can actually give you referrals and can be dedicated fans. Sometimes the customers who give you big business comes once while the customers who give you small business keeps coming to support.

If you had 1 million USD dollars, what will be your investment strategy?

I will buy a farm and do a number of projects on it. My dream is to build a home for the under privileged; street kids, poor single moms and homeless people. Also build a school, college, a big workshop that includes wielding dressmaking, detergents manufacturing, garage for car fixing and car pimping workshop, cattle ranching, farming etc.

My vision is to build a place where the homeless people get a start in their lives. Some people have bigger dreams but they are so poor and don’t know where to start from as they have no shelter. I will give them shelter, education, and skills to give them a head start in life. 

What is it you love most about your business?

I love giving people advice on how best they can expand and better their businesses. Sometimes what is needed for your business to flourish is good PR, reliability, good business relationship with other business people, a perfect place to operate for starters.

What keeps you inspired?

Keep your head up and utilize the time that God gave you wisely. Follow your dreams and help others in need. Help is not about giving someone money, clothing or food. It is about equiping someone to be the best they can be. Sometimes what someone needs are just encouraging words, ideas, love and care. Be yourself and do not be pressured, or just follow a trend to please people, know who you are and stay true to yourself.

Above all, have principles and stick to them. Learn to forgive yourself for all mistakes you made in your life and forgive others too.

How has Covid19 affected you as individual?

Covid was an eye opener for me, I have always had a passion to write and run an online magazine. This Covid time was the time to start a magazine since many people will be at home not going to work – they definitely needed something to read. Something to inspire, encourage and strengthen them. I decided it was the perfect time to start the magazine. My first issue was mostly about Covid19 awareness and encouraging messages to those who were emotionally affected by the pandemic. It was also about gender based violence as cases of GBV were on the increase during the time. I asked Musasa Product Officers to provide information so that women who were victims of GBV had knowledge about what Musasa Project was all about.

Where did you learn your art skills?

I did Multimedia and Creative Arts for Communication Diploma at Makhosi Theatre in Bulawayo and have gained considerable experience through featuring in Estate Blues soapie that airs on ZBC every Sunday.

Pindurai is presently working at Ruma Walter and Sanitation as Sales and Marketing Executive outside of Vicious collections.

Accomplishments to date

I have released an album titled Vicious Collection 1. It was recorded in Bulawayo. It has songs that includes Don’t Judge Me (a song that tells a real life story about a street kid) and Timmy being played on a number of radio stations. Timmy is dedicated to handsome lazy men who prefer to have their wives work for them whilst they stay at home.

Pindurai has featured in numerous theatre, film and television productions and these include;

  • Living Positive play directed by Thoko Zulu and Cont Mhlanga The play was launched in South Africa at Capetown Conference Centre (2006)
  • Maidei play by Nhimbe Trust (2006)
  • Lystrata play directed by Ian Baddows(2007)
  • Mama Africa by Madla Moyo (Amakhosi 2006)
  • Mother Courage by Styx Mhlanga (2008)
  • Amakorokoza Series directed by Cont Mhlanga (2005) produced by ZBC.
  • Avenues Sitcom directed by Memory Kubota (2007) produced be ZBC.
  • Kumasowe Short film directed by Melody Hamutyinei (2016) produced by ZBC.
  • Perfect Lobola Short film directed by Melody Hamutyinei (2016) produced by ZBC
  • Ezokukhakha Short film directed by Gugulethu Chikura (2016) produced by ZBC.
  • Conflicts Series directed by Shupai Kamunyaru (2016) produced by ZBC.
  • Mai Kuby directed by Lovemore Saidi (2016) produced by ZIFTESSA.
  • Sibanhlenje directed by Praise Shoko (2017) produced by ZBC
  •  Eagles a movie directed by Moses Matanda (2017) produced by Honde Valley TV
  • Kurufu short film directed by Wellington Mapimha (2017) produced by Thunder Studio
  • DlalaNgamla Series directed by Quinisela Keitse (2018) produced by Creative Pots.

Pindurai has also been dj and MC for shows that includes Chris Martin show (2016), Lake July Show at Lake Chivero (2016), Pacific Storm Show (2016), Dwayno (Jamaican) welcome party (2017), All White Women Day Festival at Rainbow Towers (2017), One Unity One Reggae Tour at B.A.C Bulawayo alongside Turbulence (Jamaica), Mega Bunton (Jamaica) and Epixode (Ghana) 2017.

She has performed in several venues including City Sports, Basement, Galactica and Big Apple in Harare;  Backroom Shisha and Lounge in Bulawayo and Wild Thing in Victoria Falls.


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