Prophet Mashavave embarks on anti-drug abuse campaign

Prophet Lazarus Mashavave

Religious Reporter

FAST-growing Quickening Spirit International Ministries’ (QSIM) led by Prophet Lazarus Mashavave will this Thursday launch an aggressive anti – drug abuse campaign in Harare.

The campaign will see the Ministry’s leader conducting a two day counselling and deliverance sessions, moving from one Harare suburb to another.

The campaigns will start in Arcadia, this Thursday, May 30-01 June 2019, at Arcadia Community Hall and will spread to other suburbs that include, Mufakose, Highlands, Highfield, Kuwadzana, Chisipite, Vinona, Mabvuku, Borrowdale, Mbare, among many other Harare suburbs.

In an interview with this publication, prophet Mashavave said a number of high profile figures that include, musicians, politicians, actors, academia’s among many other respectable people   are battling drug addiction yet in an instant God can deliver them.

“God has the answers to all those vices. Thousands of people are battling diseases and families are being destroyed by evil spirits of drug addictions,” he said.

The (QSIM) leader said the campaign dubbed “Dealing with addictions and all sickness” will deal with a myriad of challenges affecting people in Zimbabwe, among them drug abuse, allergies, spiritual attacks among other ailments.

Prophet Mashavave said he has noted with concern that drug abuse is no longer a ‘teenage’ or ‘youth’ problem but even older people including women are abusing drugs.

“As a church – by church I refer to the body of Christ – if we turn a blind eye to the reality that our nation is being destroyed by drug abuse our presence in communities is of no use. This is the reason why we are embarking on this aggressive drive to try and combat drug abuse, personally I believe abusing drugs is spiritual hence the campaign will deal with deliverance then counselling.” said Mashavave, adding that their desire is to also meet drug sellers and deliver than by doing that we will be cutting the chain.

Prophet Mashavave said like his other conferences “dealing with drugs” campaign will become home to instant healing and deliverance.”

“Deliverance, prophetic healing and breakthrough prayer sessions would be free for all who will attend. The main focus of these campaigns is to ensure permanent deliverance to those afflicted with drug abuse,” he said.

Prophet Mashavave said those with relatives who are into drugs can also attend the campaigns on behalf of their relatives.

He also said the initiative is not only limited to Harare suburbs only as they have plans to visit all 10 provinces.

“We will start in Harare after Harare we will go nationally and eventually internationally. This is a big initiative that is earmarked to transform millions of people around the world,” said Prophet Mashavave.

He added “Depending on the suburb or location, the campaigns will deal with healing of the sick, casting out of witchcraft forces, breakthrough in all areas of life and deliverance from spiritual bondage,” he added.

Prophet Mashavave who is also a spiritual son to United Family International Church founder Prophet Makandiwa rose to fame in 2016 he ordered chain smokers and drunkards to bring their cigarettes and alcohol and drink it in church before he delivered them.

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