Black Pearl, also known as Rumbie,  was born Jacqueline Rumbidzai Gadzira in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a 23 year old singer, songwriter, aspiring novelist and a Psychology student at the Great Zimbabwe University (GZU).

Rumbie is a third child in a family of 4 living in Tafara/Mabvuku. She did her Advanced Level at Mabvuku High School and later on attempted to join the army. She decided against it in the middle of the training.

Celebrity Media caught up with Rumbie – Black Pearl and the following conversation ensued;

What do you do in life?
I am a singer. I started singing in 2015 under Eye C Productions, now Junction Media. Elder Kanto Dem of Eye Records identified and nurtured me.  I have had a number of problems in securing what sound I want to be associated with and that has made me contemplate on exposing myself.  This year (2020), I have been working on a number of projects I feel are a miniature of what I want my brand to feel like.

Apart from music I have also found that I am a writer and poet.  I feel I am a bit raw but  getting the hang of it.

I have finished my first book, Diary of a Catholic Church girl: Alphonsina and now I am writing Muroora WaMai Nakai and Zeal. Just like most of my music, my books target society’s norms and I try to get the gist of why society is the way it is.

Alphonsina is a diary about a girl who stood firm with her religion in all difficulties.
Nakai is a fighter for the daughters-in-law and Zeal is about survival even if all odds are against one.

What are your achievements
I have managed to finish a book but the best is yet to come.

What are your dreams?
I want to establish a leadership training company and a rehab centre for emotional healing. I want it to be for those people who have faced trauma through abuse.

Artistically my dream is to be known out there and take my works beyond borders.

Give us the tracks you have done?
I have sang songs like I Want More, Mama, Amai Vangu, Wakakosha and Take Me Home.

What motivated Rumbi to do poetry, write books and sing?
For music I will say that Elder Kanto Dem did.  As for poetry and writing I wanted to find a safe harbor for pain.

Who inspires you?
Chioniso Maraire is my girl forever. She was unique and she did not go with the flow.

How do you spend your spare time?
I spend it with my closest people

Advice to budding artists
We will get there guys so let us work until we make it. The best way to get there is to stay relevant until someone notices your effort. #Sesedzera uchienda and never stop moving.

Kindly explain your journey as an artist (writer, poet, author) in detail highlighting the good and the bad, the hard and the soft moments.
Writing is interesting because I get to be anyone I want to be in life. This minute I am rich the next I am poor or just a bitter ex wanting to kill people. It’s an adventure itself.  Before you are able to capture an audience you must be able to enjoy the journey yourself and you can do wonders.

I have enjoyed the journey day by day.

Its also enjoyable knowing that you can relate to people and they are enjoying your stories.

I always check progress from my Facebook page for the book Muroora WaMai Nakai and it feels so good to see that each new post increases my fanbase.

The bad moments are when they do not like or comment and you feel like you are not doing a good job – it’s painful. Human beings need praise to feel more human.  I always cry for comments.

There is also something we call writer’s block. You want to write and BOOM your creative mind is offline.You can try all you want but nothing will make sense. This is boring because it is just like bipolar you don’t want it but it’s there.

Thats a wrap. Thanks for following Rumbie – Black Pearl. Kindly drop your comments below so she does not recede into crying mode.

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