Rure Rure video out

The exciting news gleaned by The Celebrity Club is that the video for Rure Rure, a collabo between Dugaine and Sizzyboi, is out and available to download on YouTube.

“We are party animals and when we look at the current songs, they are far from what we grew up dancing to. So we decided to come up with our old Rure Rure and threw it on an Afropop beat. The results were an amazing song.”

Response from fans?
The response has been overwhelming as we have seen grown ups dancing to an old vibe laced with a children theme. This has even taught us a lesson in how we move forward in respect to our offering to audiences out there.”

Sizzyboi, born Fungai Rowlent Siziba, is a songwriter, rapper, actor and music producer at High Quality Music.

Why collaborate with Dugaine?
“Dugaine is a brilliant Afro artist with great potential. We have been planning for almost 3 years to work on a banger. Time and again we couldn’t find time due to other commitments. The result of the planning was a successful hit – Rure Rure.

Parting message to fans…
It’s only a matter of time. We have a whole lot of hits lined up for you and we are committed to entertain you through and through with unforgettable hits. Just don’t give up on us.

Your support and love – mazirudo totomada – all the way.

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