Shurugwi in Christmas treat

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THE usually sleepy town of Shurugwi will come alive tonight as rising dancehall musician Mickey Roller joins hands with Tocky Vibez and Njanji Simbi Hombe in a Christmas Eve show.

The show will see the dancehall trio perform at Grand Hotel.

Mickey Roller said the show is a way of taking back his music where he started his career.

“I grew up in Shurugwi. That’s where I started my music journey so I’m going back there to celebrate Christmas with my people,” said the Bulawayo based chanter.

Mickey Roller recently launched his fourth studio album at a packed up Grand Hotel.

“People from Shurugwi appreciates my music thus I’m happy to perform for them together with my friends in music, Tocky Vibez and Njanji,” he said.

“It will be a special Christmas.”

Meanwhile, Shurugwi businessman Jonasi Mapondo has pledged his support to Mickey Roller.

The business man, affectionately known as Boss Pound, invested an undisclosed amount of money towards the show.

The investment comes at a time when upcoming artistes have decried lack of support from the business community with corporates only sponsoring and endorsing big names in the industry.

Mapondo said a music investment benefits a greater part of the community.

“I’ve known Mickey Roller for a long time, and I have always backed his career because I believe in the positive message he spreads through music.

“Investing in the growth of his career to me is the same as investing in the community since through his voice many people will be touched in different ways changing lives,” he said.

Mapondo said his sponsorship will continue even after the show.

“I will continue rendering my support whenever possible,” he said.

Mickey Roller is a rising musician whose music has been making waves in Midlands and Bulawayo provinces.

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