Silakingz, an upcoming Afro Pop/RnB artist, is the new kid on the block. He was born Sila Taera.

He has captivated peoples heart with a combination of an unforgettable voice and tantalizing dancing skills. He has released a couple of singles including The Best Thing.

The Best Thing” is a love song that many can relate to with a soothing sound that evokes emotions.

Silakingz prefers writing own music so that he is in control of his creativity and career.

“The ability to write your own songs can serve as insurance in case something goes wrong and your composer is unable to write due to disputes or natural disasters. Being in control of your music ensures a prolonged stay in the industry too.”

The artists also bemoaned lack of support from parents and he thinks it prudent to conduct awareness programs to showcase and educate parents about the arts industry.

Silakingz on

Silakingz encourages fellow artist to believe in themselves  and understand that no one can play their role better than them.

“Your music career is a journey which needs patience and determination,” Silakingz added.

Apart from singing, the 24 year old has studied Development Studies.

Be sure to catch Silakingz Music onsocial media
Facebook @Sila Taera
Instagram @ Sila Taera
WhatsApp +263775644405


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