SPOTTED: Stewart Sakarombe at the shrine!

Veteran actor and radio personality Stewart Sakarombe was spotted at an apostolic shrine along Hanyani River in Seke performing what looked like a cleansing ceremony.

According to the video circulating on social media, a pensive Stewart became upbeat and restless when the youthful prophet, Madzibaba Gabhu, announced that Stewart’s mother killed Kizito, his son, and next on the chopping block is his wife and daughter. To this devastating announcement, Stewart takes off, perhaps in disgust or ready to confront the alleged nemesis.

Stewart Sakarombe is a veteran actor whose career spans over 30 years with appearances on films such as Tiraburu, Chipo The Gift, and commercials. Most popular among his appearances is yesteryear SunJam commercial in which Sakarombe plays good citizen and rides after the bus to deliver a passenger’s jam.

Efforts to confirm the story failed as Stewart’s phone is unavailable.

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