Teen Rescue Mission calls for teenage prayer day

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Teen Rescue Mission (TRM) has called upon all youths in Zimbabwe to gather and pray against gruesome murders that are happening to young children across the country.

Running under the theme “Let God Save Our Teens” the prayer meeting is organized after the rise in teen murder and teen suicides nationwide.

TRM coordinator Miss Tariro Richards who is also the event organizer said the event came as a result of the outcry by teenagers around Zimbabwe on the inhuman murder and rape cases which has resulted in most young girls and boys committing suicide.

“This year we had a rise in these cases and we feel these are things which have been caused by different issues like COVID-19 and the lockdown where children are forced to spend most of their time at home,” she said.

“This has also resulted in domestic violence. On the other hand, we feel that the rise has been caused by the need for money by parents and guardians doing rituals. Our parents whom we look upon for protection have become our monsters.

“Alcohol has also contributed to fathers raping their own daughters and we have young girls committing suicide because they cannot stand the pain. We have teens murdered for ritual matters like Tapiwa of Murehwa and we stand to look that this is a life cut short. He might have lived to be someone in our nation,” she said.

Miss Richards said as Teen Rescue Mission they have decided as young people to meet despite looking at which denomination one attends to but as young people who believe in one God to raise their voices to one God that they can cancel this spirit together.

She said they have done awarenesses as an organisation which was a physical approach but they need to look at this on spiritual side.

Miss Richards said they also look at teens who engaged in sex, drugs while at school and this all goes affecting young people and they have resort to take the spiritual side of praying.

“We want to appreciate the great support from youths in churches and non-believers youths who have come up with direction to join hands and pray as this has really affected our future generation.

“We are so happy that teens and youths around our nation will be gathering in their towns like Bulawayo, Gweru, Murehwa, Chegutu as well Harare praying together in one agreement that God touch the minds of us all and that we live with love, peace and harmony as a nation of Zimbabwe.”

Teen Rescue Mission an organisation that deals with youths against drug abuse, premature sex and crime have done many programmes this year coming up with COVID-19 food groceries for affected teens, doing awareness campaigns in communities, schools, churches and bringing empowerment to the young people.

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