Teen Rescue Mission celebrates girl child

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IT was pomp and funfair in Epworth children from around the satellite town celebrate the girl child over the weekend courtesy of Teen Rescue Mission.

In attendance were children of all ages grouped by Delight a passionate young lady who invited Teen Rescue Mission to officiate and celebrate the girl child with them.

It was during this event that the children gave splendid performances acknowledging Teen Rescue Mission in the community.

They were given an opportunity to speak out their problems which exposed some of them as victims of sexual abuse, poverty and crime.

Founders of Teen Rescue Mission Mr Abraham Matuka, Mr Rudolf Chikwizo (Administrator and Life Mentor) and Mr Viash (motivational speaker) took turns to encourage and guide the enthusiastic children.

Mr Chikwizo enlightened the gathering on the importance of getting focused and following their dreams as time was not on their side.

They were warned to be careful of time wasters in the community.

Mr Chikwizo went on to motivate the girls to see themselves as very special and fight against anyone who sought to destroy their lives.

Mr Viash challenged the kids to look beyond the vision of 10 years and keep on visualizing where they will be and what they will have achieved.

Both teachings blended very perfectly were of great impact.

Most children perceived to have transformed their lives in the next 10 years to be people of significant importance.

The event was concluded by the cutting of the cake and distribution of school exercise books to all the kids by Teen Rescue Mission.

It was touching to realize how some kids expressed gratitude and appreciation at experiencing the day’s wonderful exposure and tasting a cake for the first time.

Teen Rescue Mission is spreading its wings far and wide and will never forget to show our gratitude to consistant partners for making the girl child event a possibility.

Speaking after the event Mr Matuka expressed joy on how the programmes were moving in fulfilling the organization objectives.

“We have a girl who was sexually abused doing grade 6 and impregnated. The first time we met her she was still in traumatizing position. Working with her we are happy that the girl is now realizing herself and she is now running in most of our programmes here.

After our team visited her parents we saw they was lack of communication between child and parent and as Teen Rescue Mission we planning to have a workshop for parents only in Epworth early July to bring in an environment where parent and child can talk and also we have parents fighting for their children in this environment. So the event will be a great thing in Epworth as we also have had cry from parents who would love to meet on their own and educate each other on how to relate with their children,” said Mr Matuka.

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