The best 20 Zimbabwean Songs of 2020

The Celebrity Top 20 for 2020 picked bangers from many Zimbabweans such as Nox –  who has carved a niche with mature love themes from Ndinonyara to My Melody – his latest offering. Upcoming artists such as Herman with Zvandofarira produced at Chillspot and the duo of the moment – Baba Harare and Jah Master with Love YeGerman, Jah Prayzah, master of the craft with Porovhoka on top of Donhodzo. Its evident Jah Prayzah knew for a fact that Donhodzo was a scotcher and had provoked his creative genes.


Surprising performances from Professor Allan Chimbetu with Urgent Matter, an album laced with hot songs whose energy straddles across silencing naysayers. The truth of the matter Allan Chimbetu seems to be reborn.

The year was the best year ever for the Zimbabwean music industry with sterling compositions from new kids on the block – Poptain (Kokai), Holy Ten (Ndaremerwa) and (Sizzy Boi ft Dugaine Rure Rure).

Here is the list, not in any particular order.

1. My Melody – Nox

2. Zvandofarira – Herman

3. Love YeGermany – Baba Harare & Jah Master

4. Hello Mwari – Jah Master

5. Porovhoka – Jah Prayzah

6. Ndaremerwa – Holy Ten

7. Titungamirei Baba – Gemma Griffiths

8. Wakatemba – XQ

9. Ndisina Mari – Allan Chimbetu

10. Hamurikwire – Soul Jah Love & Jah Signal

11. Kokai – Poptain and Nutty O

12. Kuteura – Tamy ft Jah Prayzah

13. Fadza Mutengi – Poptain

14. Rure Rure – Dugaine & SizzyBoi

15. Kamudhudhudhu – Baba Harare

16. Cut them – Takura & Holy Ten

17. Ramba Kusara – Sulumani Chimbetu

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