The Power Of Regeneration

For the past few months, I have been heavily involved with my tomato garden. It drew much attention and hard work on my part to see this crop grow and what a joy it was when I saw the little yellow flowers budding before forming little green tomatoes.

Time elapsed with a lot of activity like weeding, watering and cultivating the ground to increase aeration in the soil. I became a proud owner of a healthy stalks and promising garden, I visualized an abundant harvest in the future.

Unknown to me, soon after my first harvest, a bug struck my beloved crop witnessed by a withering of the stems and leaves. I happened to travel out of town during this time for some days hoping to treat the crop once I was back. When I hit my yard after a successful business voyage, a somber feeling gassed me out when I learned that my crop had been literally destroyed by a worm during my absence.

My options for the crop narrowed continuously until one was left.  I resolved to destroy it once I caught a breather from my busy schedule.  So it happened that early this morning I went to my backyard armed with a hoe and an intention to exterminate the plants but alas some healthy tender shoots had already grown from the roots.

I paused a little while and it is at this juncture that I learnt some defining lessons applicable in life and business.

Judas Iscariot wouldn’t have betrayed the Lord if he had been dismissed from the team earlier on.

Enjoy Your Harvest Whilst You Can

Some people have a tendency to postpone pleasure. When you finally reap from your efforts of hard work and innovativeness, it is a good gesture to take yourself for some treats in celebration of your achievements. Your body is a farm that produces a better yield for you when you take good care of it.

Celebrate Every Milestone

The best moments of life are captured during the course of it not at the end of it. I maximised the moment by celebrating my first harvest because the future remains a mystery.  Save some for the future but always drop seeds of gratitude on the way. Your team is energised perform better when you commend them for their achievements towards the good success of your company.

Address Your Problems As Soon As You See Them.

Judas Iscariot wouldn’t have betrayed the Lord if he had been dismissed from the team earlier on. It is known that the former used to steal money from the coffers of his master, however, none of the twelve team-players dared to confront him of that ill. Anything you leave to expire on its own can come back to haunt you at some point. I lost a good crop by telling myself that I would deal with the sickness when I get back from my business engagement. Deal with your weakness before it becomes wickedness! Decay has the propensity to deepen its venom when ignored. Sooner or later the corruption will drag everyone into the grime.

Don’t Act On Impulse

After a disappointment in marriage or business, some people who are deficient in emotional integrity usually throw in the towel during the fog of anger. Most of those who do things this way live to regret that decision the rest of their life. Had I destroyed this crop in anger, I wouldn’t have seen the beauty of the full-of-life new shoots. A good employee or friend deserves encouragement and appreciation especially during their down moments.

Always Maintain Hope

Hope is the ticket that allows us admission into the future. We must anchor all our decisions on it before acting drastically or out of impulse. When you are a hopeful person, you live well with others, invest or save for the future because you will need good relationships and financial liberty as you continuously march into your future. Its foolishness to kill bees when you need their honey. I saw a good promise of some beautiful shots this morning because I postponed destruction.  “A person who is slow to anger is better than the mighty”, king Solomon bellowed. Regeneration of good things is possible to hopeful people.

Keep Your Hope Lit!

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