The yesteryear television drama series, The Small House Saga, is coming back onto ZBCTV soon.
This time it promises fireworks through a diversified and hybrid storyline brought to life by a cast of both old and new faces.
The Small House Saga drama series relay matrimonial experiences, diversity and morals and opens the lid on dreadful diseases that ravage family unity and social relations.
The Small House Saga
The Small House Saga
The Small House Saga is one of the popular drama series that ever played on ZTV. As in its name, the series successive niche reigns in its radically distinctive interpretation of real life matrimonial experiences, family unity and love.
Back in the day, The Small House Saga aired for 5 consecutive years and its return is due to public demand. And the producers have heard the call for the return of the Small House Saga.
The Small House Saga was the best Zimbabwean television drama series during its reign and that is set to be tested against the current crop of tv shows such as Wenera and Muzita RaBaba.
Be sure to check out The Saga website which is currently under construction.


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