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Sarah Sinclair

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SARAH Sinclair is a modern vivacious super woman, with a cute unique stature that quenches the eyes. She is a business woman who started off as a model in High School then got involved into fashion hosting several fashion shows and brand promotions with different companies before establishing the Sarah Sinclair brand. Many people say she is a socialite but she said being famous on social media does not mean one is a socialite but a businesswoman instead.

Sarah is a mother of a 2-year-old baby girl called Hope and she is someone who is very passionate about fashion and women issues. She says she drew inspiration from her mother who is her role model.

In an exclusive interview with Celebrity, Sarah explained where she came from, how she embraced the ‘fame’, to where she is now and her future aspirations.

“Basically Sarah Sinclair is just young, confident and very ambitious young woman. She is 25 years old and she is a single mum turning 26 this year. I am raising a daughter and she is 2 years old. I am in the fashion industry that is how I started off. Where that came from was, my mum used to be very crazy about fashion so that inspired me a lot so I would always look up to her when I see her dressed up.

“You know when she came to my school, all the kids in my class would be like ‘Waal that is Sarah’s mum she look so amazing,’ so I was that kid that had a really cool mum. For me that was very fascinating so I would say that is where the whole fashion thing started with me,” says Sarah.

She says she started modeling at Morgan High School where she won several titles to her name with the major one being the Miss Harare Junior.

Sarah says that is when she realized that she has a calling into the fashion industry and started doing modeling and doing fashion shows until she became a cable queen.

“From there I worked with boutiques, designers and so forth and I would look at what they were doing and for me it looked easy. And from there I said to my mum I wanted to do this then I designed my first dress so the first thing that I did was designing an African print skirt that was inspired by my step dad he is Congolese so those corporate functions for the family would always be in African attires so it was easy for me to have access to the African print.

“One day I stole one of my mum’s regalia then I went to a local tailor, get my skirt done, posted it on Facebook and that was about the time when the whole Elikem and Pokello thing was going on so the African print was very trending. So when I posted this so called outfit of mine it kind of made a hit, and that is when I started doing the whole slaying and posting of whatever I wanted,” she says.

Sarah Sinclair

She says as her fashion dream was so intense, it just kept on going and her fashion fans started increasing until she opened a Page called Sinclair Couture.

“It was not making sense selling my stuff on my actual Page where I post my family and at that time I was in a relationship so my Instagram had more of me and my boyfriend so I decided to open a separate Page and that Page became my business Page. It has been running for the past 6 years now and it is actually a really huge success and that is now my official brand it is called Sinclair Couture.

“Recently I have tried to broaden the brand I am now into make-up. Two months ago I released my first lip-stick called Tantalizing, my favourite colour red. That was a major hit that sold out 300 lip-sticks in one week and I could not believe it. The funny part of it is maybe I pushed that one colour because I have a lot of colours but it was just Tantalizing everywhere,” says Sarah.

The youthful fashionista says as much as she is into fashion she is getting booked to make appearances at different events.

“I have been a host at Madirirano, I now work with @badd bwoy family with Papa Lodza, he hosts Evitro Night Club in Belgravia and I host there some Fridays. I used to like going out and have fun so now this is exciting.

“Currently I am working with Pop Up, I am a brand ambassador for Pop Up ZW. So what it is like, it is a 24 hour alcohol service delivery and they also host events. So they give me a stand and I sell my clothes because right now I am operating online,” she says.

Sarah Sinclair

Sarah says she is currently looking for a house to turn into Sinclair Couture Fashion House where she will be selling her stuff.

“There are going to different types of clothes in each room like baby wear in one room, men’s in another, ladies’ in another, make-up in another and so forth. That is the dream that I am working on now because Sinclair Couture is now a big brand and I want to take it to the next step and keep going and mostly putting Zimbabwe on the map,” Sarah says.

She is also working on venturing into charity work where she will be dealing with women issues through the Sarah Sinclair Foundation which she has established but waiting to launch.

“We also want to get into charity work. I am passionate about women. I had to open an organization for women abuse because of my own personal issues in life. The organization is called Sinclair Foundation. I was supposed to launch it four months ago but I do not want to launch something when I have not dealt with my own personal issues. I must heal from certain things for me to be able to give other women advice, I need to say to myself ‘no Sarah you are now in the position at advice other people’.

“That is still in the pipeline for me because a lot of women come to my inbox with a lot of issues because I was more of like an aunt on Instagram so most women would inbox me telling me their deep secrets. At one point I rescued a girl who was about to get shot by her boyfriend in a hotel and it was a bit overwhelming” she says.

Asked how she handle, business, fame and being a mother at the same time, Sarah says, “That is hard! The toughest thing for me right now is having friends. I am the home mum aspect that have learnt to juggle. I know how to mix, which functions to go, I know where to go with my daughter and not to involve her, where not to post so much on my social media handles but right now the most difficult thing is about friends because everyone wants to be my friend.

“People that did not want to be friends with you back then now want to be friends but obviously it is for the wrong reasons. The fame I love the fame but sometimes it is where I am staying right everyone wants to be with me, get a selfie with me but sometimes I need my privacy though it is overwhelming. Good comes with it and also bad comes with it because will start creating stories saying what they want.”

Sarah Sinclair

She says sometimes she get threats from people’s wives but she tells them that she is single and not involved in any sort of relationship with their husbands.

Speaking about her love life, Sarah says she has dated married men before and it did not go well and it is something that she regrets ever doing but she has gone over it.

“I have made women unhappy because of me and I have decided to get out of the situation because I said to myself at the end of the day I am raising a little girl so if I keep doing this then how am I going to reprimand my daughter if she does the same. So right now I am trying to clean up my image,” she says.

Sarah Sinclair

In handling emotional situations, Sarah says she is a very strong character who has been through a lot in life.

She says social media can be brutal and the difference with her is she is not looking for fame on each and every post she puts on Instagram.

“It is not that I want attention but my Page is what I use for my business and normally post every day and on all my posts I tag my business Page. So it is not about getting attention but business for me,” says Sarah.

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