Tswana author launches book in Zimbabwe.

The founder of Higher Thinkers Global and certified professional life coach, author Emmanuel Njang from Botswana made his first launch of his second book ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ in Zimbabwe today.

Tswana author launches launches book in Zimbabwe
Tswana author launches book in Zimbabwe

According to the Nganj ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ is a book that encourages people to be who they are , bringing a life-giving message of correction and encouragement to faithful people tyrannized by the wickedness of the world that seems to be tumbling from crisis.

Inspired by times where the majority of humans are at the crossroads of their lives, battling with a lot in their lives and continued desire to make meaning out of everything, some find themselves disconnected from themselves and the reality of life, Emmanuel with passion and vision from the front lines of disconnection shares a book of reconnection.

Like many other authors, Emmanuel was also heavily affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and financials which scuttled plans but through commitment, he and his team successfully published the book.

“Book writing, just like any other industry, has been heavily affected by the Covid19 pandemic, and working on this book was quite a big challenge to me and our team. Anyhow, we managed to keep the vision and mission alive,” said Njang.

Njang was grateful that he managed to first launch the book in Zimbabwe.

“I am grateful that we managed to launch in Zimbabwe which is the first country we launched the book in. We are looking forward to another launch in Namibia”, he said.

The book ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ will launch in three countries – Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Botswana. Emmanuel Njang has authored Own Every Step.

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