Umfana Kagogo takes COVID19 awareness to another level

UMFANA KAGOGO is a COVID19 awareness comedy skit series about Mbokodo, a 19 year old, who grew up in the village and migrated to the city in 2020 to stay with his grandmother.

Mbokodo came to  town during the Covid19 pandemic. He is in the dark as information about Covid19 has not reached him yet. He is surprised by people wearing face masks. The story is therefore centred on educating Mbokodo on how to survive the pandemic through wearing face mask, social distancing and sanitization among others.

Mkhokheli Artsman conceived the idea of using comedy for edutainment purposes and he had the following to say,

“l realized that today almost everyone is singing about COVID19  but there is someone, somewhere in Zimbabwe who is still living in darkness like Mbokodo. This person does not know about this pandemic. Therefore, as an artist; a voice of the voiceless, my story is aimed at addressing that anomaly.”

Umfana Kagogo has released two episodes while three more are in post production.

While the COVID19 pandemic brought more woes to content producers, the producers of Umfana Kagogo are facing numerous challenges such as shortage of finances to procure props, food and transport.


“We have a serious challenge that our cast have to use their own money for transport and we are failing to feed them. When it comes to props we end up changing the idea of the script. These are just some of the challenges we are facing.”

The response from audiences

People are loving the skits so much. Some are requesting that we do a series or feature films as skits are too short thereby leaving a lot to be desired.

How has Covid19 affected you?

We were greatly affected by this pandemic. Some of our productions had to be stopped. However we did not rest, instead we took time to plan and write new things.

Message to viewers

We kindly request you to like, subscribe and always comment. Your comments means a lot as they help us grow. Also support us in any way possible.

“Our goal is to have our content accessible to the public through ZBCTV and having an online channel,” said Artsman.

Umfana kagogo is now streamed on Rubza Online TV Facebook channel. Don’t ever miss an Episode.


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