Upcoming musician Sweet Queen speaks on career

SWEET Queen is Christabel Mudzimukunze aged 20 is a girl from Marondera in Svosve village. She grew up in paradise and did her primary level at Kuwadzana8 in Harare. She attended her secondary level at RakodziHigh School then she started her music career in 2018.She has recorded several tracks with established recorded labels. Sweet Queen caught up with Celebrity and speaks on her music career:

Tell us about your music, what do you sing about and why?

My music career is hard to identify but I am trying. I sing Afro and RnB. I sing about love songs mostly and I also sing about day to day living things because it is the good message to everyone and it is easy to be handled by everyone

How is the music industry for girls and how is the landscape like?

The industry for girls is better and poor but we are trying to push. I wish if there is a company or any support forgirls in the music industry because we are being abused. We are girls and some of us have talent but they cannot even show the talents because of the abuse issue.

You are part of U Tripple T. What is U Tripple T and why did you form that?

U TrippleT is a clan or a group of three members who help each other throughout the music industry.We work together helping each other because in the music industry you cannot make it alone. You need a helper so that is the clan all about

You have celebrated your birthday, what are your resolutions for the coming 5 years?

I like to live forever in music. I want to live something honorable to other young women. I just wish if God can give me more life so that I can fulfill my wish.

You have been in music for around two years, what experience have you gained? What have you learnt?

I have learnt that music comes from the heart not feeling or expression   and all we have to do is to write it from the bottom of our hearts to make it successful.

You have been dating and have some experience, what is your definition of a perfect date?

My definition is that we have to love each other and be real, be lovely and caring.

One day you will settle down in marriage, what are the qualities you expect in your Prince charming that would make a wonderful partner?

Be real, I hate lies though it is being said that ‘a man who does not lie will not marry’. I need attention rule number one, and I love being loved and cared for.

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