When DJ Wokahontas goes blogging

I have been passionately following DJ Wokahontas and keeping up with her podcast where she talks all sorts of things; from the mundane to the controversial. She is full of energy and sarcasm. Then she started her own blog – and i love reading. I read a couple of lines and I loved her writing.

So I started this blog because let me be honest, EVERYONE now has a YouTube channel! Okay, that’s not the main reason. The main reason is because Wokahontas suddenly realised at 2am in the morning that if she wants to be considered a professional and established writer, your girl got to BLOG. Yaaaaasss honeyyyy! As you’re reading right now, wherever you are, clap hands for your gorgeous girl, Wokahontas

DJ Wokahontas

.You definitely need to follow her – I will be.

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