ETM is a Zimbabwean artist based in South Africa who has proven to be a force to reckon with. ETM is an abbreviation of his real name, Edwinson Tawanda Musiyiwa.

Who knew that such talent would come out of Mashonaland West?

“My love for reggae can be traced back to my childhood years”. ETM tells The BURTS Consortium.

“Reggae became the love of my life because of the positivity of its consciousness and the teachings.

ETM is in control of his music as he is not signed to any recording company. His latest single Hupenyu foretells the myth behind his life as he was suppressed by more hardships than a common man. He also relates the lessons from such circumstances as he grew up.

The young talent is currently working on an album tiltled Mukurarama which promises to be  an album and a half.




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