Young is Golden launched

Kudzai Mucheuki launched his book titled Youth is Golden, which focuses on dating, dreams and destiny, at Batanai Gardens.

The book gives guidelines to youngsters who are dating or courting on how to overcome sour marriages and pursue their dreams to reach their destiny.

“I want us to address issues before we get married so that we don’t go into failed marriages. People should date when they find their purpose,” said Kudzai.

The young author highlighted the importance of reading books as he believes authoring is one way to stop and rebuke bad habits as well as giving advice to those people you cannot  rebuke and advise in person.

“Not everyone reads these books but sometimes we find the best advice and rebuke in them as it may be hard for the author to tell us directly”, he said.

Macheuki encouraged parents to teach their children about dating and not withhold important dating information to help them make better choices.

Despite facing many difficulties in the authoring industry, Kudzai finds inspiration from reading TD Jakes’ books and people around him especially those in struggling marriages. These people struggle to pursue dreams to fulfill their destinies.

Youth is Golden is Kudzai Mucheuki’s second book. His first book titled “Confronting Mediocrity” was released in 2015..

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