SCROLL through social media right now and amid the dire warnings and political finger-pointing, there is quite a bit to laugh about.

The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally changed daily life across the globe, and although there have been incremental victories in the fight against the virus, Zee World is all in this for the long haul.

And several weeks into a life of social distancing, its viewers who are breaking out on social media with memes, videos and statuses which will have the audeince in stitches.

The popularity of TV-related content on social media, including memes, GIFs and recaps, is an opportunity for TV channels and platforms to deepen their engagement with fans of shows and stars, and to help steer online conversations about their content.

Zee World channel 166 on DStv is one such channel that whilst watching TV, viewers will be sharing comments on Twitter which are highly engaging.

Bleak jokes about men eating burnt food and wives forgetting their husband’s birthdays.

Memes about music coming to an end as family members demand the remote control and since there is no sport due to the Covid-19 virus, men are subjected to watching Zee World with their wives.

As governments around the world warn citizens to take precautions to avoid the coronavirus, Zee World viewers are using social media platforms to channel their energy into something a little less serious: creating content that finds the humour — silly or grim as it may be — in the midst of the pandemic.

Zee World chief executive officer Mr Harish Goyal said the idea that humour can be used as a tension reliever in trying times is not anything new.

“Life is so much easier with a sense of humour.  Even when things are bleak and even during a pandemic. Humour allows us to escape that which we dealing with and releases us of any heaviness we might be carrying.

“I think that with all of the awful things that are going on around the planet and everywhere, just to be able to sit down, read something, and just for a second be out of that moment, I think that’s important,” he said.

Meanwhile, Zee Africa’s ever-popular French dubbed General Entertainment Channel Zee Magic is set to reach another part of Africa with the upcoming launch of the channel in the Republic of Togo also known as Togolese Republic.

Located in the sub-Saharan region of Western Africa, RépubilqueTogolaise is known for its valuable phosphate deposits and its export on various agricultural products.

Now the Togolese population can enjoy the entertainment import from Zee Africa in their own official language.

Starting this month, viewers can tune into Zee Magic on Global broadcast Limited’s (GBL) DTH platform and start watching the incredible line-up with series Les Changement Du Destin (Twist of Fate), Les Mensonges du Coeur (lies of the Heart) and La Nouvelle Aurore (Breaking Free)

Mr Goyal said this was the 6th platform to carry Zee Magic and it has concreted their resolve in expanding their offerings across the continent with their exceptional programming to push Zee World’s reach to over 10 million viewers.

“We are delighted to bring this incredible channel to the homes of the Togolese people and will continue the momentum and bring Zee Magic to more untapped markets.”

Zee Magic is also available on CanalPlus ch51, Parabole Maurice ch144, Startimes ch41, Starsat ch618, Orange ch40 and Bleusat ch3





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