Mbasi Nation (left) poses for a photo with a fan

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ZIMBABWEAN rapper Mbasi Nation has promised to transform the hip hop industry and make it more entertaining through a diversity of languages.

Mbasi Nation, real name Simba Muneri sings in English, Shona, Ndebele, Zulu and Xhosa and has recorded more than 30 demo tracks with a few songs being played on local radio and in South Africa.

The youthful rapper said it was time for people to be exposed to local hip hop sang in different languages, a move which he said can expand and increase hip-hop and its followers in Zimbabwe.

Mbasi Nation who has relocated to Harare from Bulawayo after having stayed and recorded most of his music in South Africa, said he was looking forward to work with local hip hop artists in his upcoming project.

He however narrated how his music journey started and what he is working on doing to revolutionize the industry.

“I was born in Kadoma and went to Bulawayo but I started singing when I was young. It has been a long journey. I listened to Keith Sweat, Joe Thomas, Jay Z and DMX among others and as I grew I started listening to Mandoza, Zola, Blacksmith Mambazo from South Africa so I am a hip hop artist and I rap in Zulu since I grew up in South Africa.

“So far I have 30 demo tracks that I need to use and I am looking forward to work with some local artists. I want to work with bigger artists in the industry so for now I am bit underground but any time I will be blowing it up. As a hip hop artist I am looking at working with artists like T Gonzi, Takura, Calvin and Abakhuluma Boyz from Bulawayo but I am looking forward to feature someone who is big in the industry,” he said.

Mbasi Nation said he was working with popular urban groover, Roqui, real name Rockford Josphats on a project that will take the hip hop industry by storm.

“So far I am working with Roqui on a project that I will not talk about now, but Roqui and I are always working together. I have various tracks like Ola-Ola, Manga Manga Business and Xini Bane Lights Off which have been played on local radios and in South Africa but I am still pushing because I know one day I will be number one on the chats.

“I am working on many tracks and I am somebody who can just pop it out and do my thing anytime. I am a hip hop artist but I can sing on any beat and rip it off so I am ready for anything. I am coming with something different in the hip hop industry, something straight from Bulawayo to Harare so I am going to blow it up anytime,” he said


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