Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation

The station was established in 1980 succeeding the Voice of Zimbabwe Rhodesia which in turn has succeeded the Rhodesian Broadcasting Corporation in 1979. Initially, the first ever television stations in Zimbabwe were launched in 1960. ZBC is 100% state-owned and in 2010 it launched the second station Channel 2.

It operations four radio stations namely Power FM which was ranked number one super brand electronic media in 2012 by the super brands of the year report, Spot FM , National FM and Radio Zimbabwe. The first two broadcasts in English, the third in minority languages and the last one in Shona and IsiNdebele.

In 2005 when the then Minister of Information Jonathan Moyo unbundled the Corporation into nine companies under the Zimbabwe Broadcasting oldings (ZBH). They are Newsnet, Transmedia, Sportnet, Power FM, Radio Zimbabwe, On Air Systems, Zimbabwe Television and National FM.

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