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As he continues his life-long quest to spread Zimbabwean traditional culture, Swedish based musician cum cultural activist Makandire Chezhira Chikutu a.k.a ManLuckerz hopes to have the world’s eyes on the country through the Zimbabwe Festival Bira (ZIMFEBI).

The festival which is held annually in Sweden, could be finally make a return to Zimbabwe after a six year sabbatical owing to financial constraints.

ManLuckerz said he yearns to return with the festival to his home country.

“It is my hope that this year we be able to host the ZIMFEBI festival in Zimbabwe once again. I hope we get funding for it,” he said.

ZIMFEBI is a recurring exchange program and traditional music festival designed to celebrate and promote cultural development and experience.

It is held in Zimbabwe and Sweden but since 2014, the festival has only been held in Sweden due to financial constraints.

“This year I want to continue on my path spreading Zimbabwean culture. I want the whole world to know more of our culture and values embedded in it,” said ManLuckerz.

“There is no better way to achieve this that to bring the world to our country and let them experience it first hand through music and exchange programs.”

The musician who last performed in Zimbabwe in October 2014 before he was involved in a fatal accident that claimed his family members said he hopes to perform in front of a home crowd once more.

“I’ve been performing at different platforms and stages across Europe. Though the audience celebrates my music it is different from a cheering home crowd,” he said.

ManLuckerz said he is working tirelessly to bring the festival which hosted many celebrated from different parts of the world.

“This is my dream and I won’t rest until I see it come to fruition”, he said.


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