Zimdancehall Amplified rescheduled due to public demand

The ZimDancehall Amplified show which airs on ZBCTV every Saturday at 2230hrs  has been rescheduled to 1630hrs due to public demand.

Fans complained that 10pm was far into the night, time to sleep and not ideal, instead they would want to watch their favorite show in the afternoon.

ZimDancehall Amplified, in its 6th year run on ZBCTV, launched in 2013 to promote latest Zimdancehall videos and news to keep fans of the genre informed.

Over 120 artists who includes Empress Massina, Terminator, Enzo Ishall, Ricky Fire, Nutty O, Mbeu, Jah Signal, DJ Smiley and Hwindi President have been featured on the show. Over 1000 videos have been sampled too.

The show is 25 minutes long delivered in three-eight minute segments.

In today’s market, it is always good to give customers what they want and so did the organisers of Zimdancehall Amplified, Ape Media and ZBCTV.

“Our fans keep the show going and when they speak we listen.” Mr Steven Matiza, Editor and Producer of the show told Celebrity Conversation.

“We talk to fans all the time. They requests videos of their choice or play offline games on our social media platforms. We also get feedback and recommendations on the same platforms as well.”

Asked about how they were managing to stay afloat in a biting economy Mr Matiza had this to say;

“Telecel Zimbabwe has been sponsoring the show since inception. It is the sponsorship that has sustained us and enabled us to take the Excavation Series to another level.”

ZimDancehall Amplified offers up and coming artists the platform to market their career to a global audience especially at a time when ZBCTV is available via satellite, internet and mobile apps. You can download the ZBCTV app on Google Play Store




  • Mussolin
    2 years ago Reply

    Good program but kinda biased it only supports Harare based artist

    • Richard Tentone
      2 years ago Reply

      Thank you so much for the comment. All artist are open to participate on Zimdancehall Amplified.

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