Brian Chamboko (centre) shaking hands with the Chinese Ambassador Guo Shaochun after scooping the first position

By Ivan Zhakata

ZIMBABWE Table Tennis Union (ZTTU) men’s team emerged as the champions at the just ended Chinese Ambassador Table Tennis Cup held at Harare International School this weekend.

It was a captivating event that witnessed table tennis fans thronging the venue to support their favourite teams.

ZTTU men’s team won the Cup after beating the Chinese by 6 games to 3 overall games while their women counterparts lost to Chinese women by 6 games to 1.

In the mixed team category, the Zimbabwe team drew Chinese team by 3 games to 3 after a fierce battle.

Brian Chamboko from the ZTTU scooped the first price followed by Liping Wang and Tinashe Tambira in the second and third positions respectively.

In the women’s singles Tian Dan bagged the first position followed by Siringwani A and Zhing Yang in the second and third positions.

Liping Wang and Tian Dan also strike gold in the mixed teams category.

In an interview with Celebrity, Chamboko said he was happy to have won the games the event was a preparation of other upcoming events scheduled for Lesotho and Zambia.

“We hope that the momentum we have gathered today will carry us to the next events. We have main events that re coming up one in Lesotho and one in Zambia and this event is preparation for the coming events. I would like to thank my team for the performance that they did today,” he said.

Zimbabwe Chinese Table Tennis Association chairman Liping Wang said they were happy that the tournament was successful and lived up to its billing.


“We had more Zimbabwe fans who came here to watch this fantastic event. We also had students from different schools and headmasters who came to witness the Zimbabwe table tennis sport development. Zimbabwe Table tennis union have done a marvellous job.

“The standard of the Zimbabwean players is getting stronger and I still remember at the first Chinese Ambassador Table Tennis Cup, the Chinese used to easily beat Zimbabwe but now as time goes on Zimbabwe now can beat China on other games. Congratulations to the Zimbabwe team,” he said.

Wang said he hoped that the table tennis bridge builds a link between the Chinese people and the Zimbabwean people and a friendship that lives long.

The event was graced by the Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe His Excellency Mr Guo Shaochun and officials from the National Arts Council and the Sports and Recreation Commission.


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